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ah_putain's Journal

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titre ou description

A Putain is a whore. A prostitute. The word Putain is however mostly used for flavouring purposes. To spice up a rant or to add weight to an argument.

Here are some examples.

To vent one's anger and sense of outrage:
- Putain Chirac...
- Putain the price of cigarettes in the UK...

To bemoan a recurring nuisance:
- Putain Chirac...
- Putain David Beckham's penalty skills...

To convey a sense of admiration:
- Putain la nouvelle Alfa-Romeo...
- Putain that top Elisha Cuthbert's wearing in 24 season 2...

To emphasise the element of surprise:
- Putain je croyais vraiment que ca faisait 100 Kg...
- Putain there's one last beer left at the back of the fridge...

There is one rule and it is not negotiable:
Every post must start with the word putain.
Those who do not abide by this single simple rule will be banned, flogged and possibly violated fresch be my witness.

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